Thank you! Keep at it!

Posted by The Arc of North Carolina

Thank You, disability advocates! What you are doing is making a difference. While we have a long way to go together, your advocacy has resulted in some important developments lately.

Affordable Care Act (ACA): Opposition to the rush and enthusiasm to repeal the ACA appears to be having some effect. Because of your advocacy, more Members of Congress are understanding just how important the ACA is to their constituents and that their constituents will not accept ACA repeal until they have seen what is being offered to replace it.

Medicaid: According to our sources, the schedule for developing proposals to create block grants or per capita caps in Medicaid may be pushed back. Clear, strong, and unified messages from disability and other advocates are responsible for this and must continue.

Don't Stop Now, Take Action:

  1. Take heart in knowing that what you are doing is making a difference and share this message with your friends and colleagues to keep energized.
  2. Save this link to all local town hall meetings scheduled by Members of Congress and share it. We have many opportunities ahead to protect lifeline programs for people with disabilities!
  3. Continue to connect with your Members of Congress on the importance of the ACA and Medicaid to people with disabilities and remind them that you need their support to maintain important programs and services.
  4. Tell your story! We've made it easy...

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