House Republicans Pull Health Care Bill

Posted by The Arc of North Carolina

House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled his ACA repeal bill from the floor Friday, a day after President Donald Trump had threatened to walk away from health care reform if he didn't get a vote.

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 "In the face of the proposed sweeping changes to how health care and vital supports are delivered to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we applaud Congress for moving to suspend the current legislation. Moreover, we are grateful for the thousands who reached out to their legislators and invited them to take the time to consider carefully the short and long term implications of their decisions. To hastily act without discussion or consideration of the long term impact on people from a variety of backgrounds and constituencies would have been a betrayal of the trust by which the people granted them in electing them to office. We would hope that as the debate on health care and habilitative supports continues, our elected officials will reach out to all who will be affected by their decisions. The unintended consequence of haste may leave irreparable harm to the most vulnerable members of our society. We thank all who raised their voices and acted."