Funding Urgently Needed to Keep People in their Homes

Posted by The Arc of North Carolina

We are in a season of intense advocacy, and we need your voices heard in our General Assembly again. This time, we are talking about a housing crisis that potentially impacts several thousand individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as some with diagnoses of mental illness. We are asking for a specific figure in the budget ($10 million) that will help keep current homes open for those who need them.

What can you do? Reach out to the list of legislators and ask them to provide GAP FUNDING so our homes remain open!

Some background for you:

North Carolina’s diverse housing resources for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and/or mental health needs (MH) now struggles to remain solvent and serve its intended populations. Although we hold a high-quality housing inventory in partnership with local organizations, have dedicated federal funding, trained staff, and would-be residents who wish to utilize this resource, a patchwork of insufficient funding streams perpetuates underutilization and vacancies. The factors contributing to this growing crisis are not new. However, the cumulative impact of these antiquated and insufficient funding streams – based neither on actual costs or modern regulations – is leaving greater numbers of unserved individuals, providers closing their doors, and working families struggling to remain in the workforce while their loved ones flow in and out of costly crisis-based care.

A short-term dedicated resource is needed now to stabilize and maintain these homes while a purposeful long-term solution can be crafted and implemented. A broad group of committed stakeholders have resumed dialogue in effort to craft a lasting solution based on real costs, real needs, and real people.

The Arc of North Carolina recommends $10 million in dedicated housing funds until a final long-term solution is implemented. The private stakeholders impacted by these funds commit to making a viable recommendation to the NCGA and the DHHS no later than August 31, 2017.

Here is the list of the legislators who are in positions of influence to make this happen, and we are asking you to reach out to them and advocate for this gap funding.

Josh Dobson – House District 85          919-733-5862
Chris Malone – House District 35          919-715-3010
Greg Murphy – House District 9           919-733-5757
Donny Lambeth – House District 75      919-733-5747
Nelson Dollar – House District 36         919-715-0795
Ralph Hise – Senate District 47             919-733-3460
Joyce Krawiec – Senate District 31        919-733-7850
Louis Pate – Senate District 7               919-733-5621
Tommy Tucker – Senate District 35       919-733-7659

Here are talking points which may be helpful for you in making calls:

Good Morning, Representative (or Senator) _____________:

I am calling to ask you to support gap funding for homes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities / mental health needs to keep our homes from being closed.

We recognize that there are competing requests for appropriated funds. However, without sufficient funding in the short term to allow for a permanent solution to be implemented, North Carolina will lose its valuable and extensive network of housing options for individuals with I/DD and MH needs.

We are asking for you to:

• Provide $10 million in immediate gap funding to keep our homes open while a permanent solution, informed by data and broad stakeholder involvement, can be implemented.
• Keep the gap funding in place until a permanent solution is implemented.
• Support the stakeholders who are working on a solution by allowing the time and opportunity to present recommendations to the NCGA Joint Committee on Health and Human Services no later than August 31st, 2017.

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