If you are passionate about supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), maybe it's time to consider a career with
The Arc of North Carolina. Founded in 1953, we are one of the oldest and largest I/DD advocacy and service organizations in the state.
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Director of Development
Position Code: DM- TRI- 20170316
Position Status: Full- Time
Location: Triangle
Education Requirements: Bachelor's degree from four year accredited college or university or 10-plus years of professional experience in a nonprofit organization or extensive sales experience working directly with executive level clients. A Master's degree preferred in non-profit administration, business administration, public policy or similar discipline.
Experience Requirements: Candidate must have a high level of professionalism. Must have verifiable experience of having developed and managed donor or client relationships over time. Outstanding written and oral communication skills and the ability to communicate and work with a wide range of donors to build long-term relationships. Strong organizational skills and ability to work varying levels of seniority within and outside The Arc of NC.
Responsibilities: The Director of Development will serve as a key leadership team member and an active participant in making strategic decisions affecting The Arc of North Carolina. Duties will include coordinating all fundraising and development activities of The Arc of NC. Ability to design and implement a comprehensive plan for developing key external alliances by cultivating individual and philanthropic support. Responsible for development and execution of all proposals; write and archive all proposals with a long-term relationship-management approach.

Deadline: March 31, 2017 and send resume to Foresa Walker at fwalker@arcnc.org


Public Relations Manager
Position Code: PRM- CHAR/TRI- 20170316
Position Status: Full- Time
Location: Charlotte and Triangle Area
Education Requirements: Associate's or bachelor's degree preferred in public relations, communications, and/or journalism.
Experience Requirements: Candidate must have a high level professionalism. Must have several years of public relations experience or similar in healthcare industry or knowledge base of I/DD and/or Mental Health. Excellent communication and organizational skills is a must in order to coordinate the efforts of their position. Must have above average proofreading and copy-editing abilities and have an in-depth knowledge and proficiency of Microsoft Office software.
Responsibilities: The Public Relations Manager will assist in the development and implementation of communication plans and marketing strategies for The Arc of NC. Duties will include writing and editing press releases and reviewing marketing material. Must maintain close relationships with reporters and editors at media outlets to facilitate the dissemination of organization information. Work to promote positive media attention for the organization. Evaluate opportunities for partnerships, sponsorship and advertising on an on-going basis.
Deadline: March 31, 2017 and send resume to Foresa Walker at fwalker@arcnc.org


Employment Specialist
Position Code: ASH- 20170306
Position Status: Occasional
Location: Asheville, N.C.
Education Requirements: Candidate must have a High School Diploma or GED, valid driver's license, must be able to pass background check, prefer experience working with people with developmental/intellectual disabilities in health related or education field and knowledge of community resources.
Experience Requirements: The Arc of NC seeks a passionate, dedicated, and reliable Employment Specialist to assist adults with disabilities to gain and maintain meaningful employment in the community, meaningful competitive pay, and permanent/year round employment. Applicant must be able to work independently, work a flexible schedule, nights, weekends, and holidays sometimes. Must be able to drive a vehicle for short to long periods of time during the course of a work day. Must be able to maintain close attention to details to render complete and accurate reports and records for use by others on a regular basis.
Responsibilities: The Employment Specialist will provide employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities through community based evaluation and assessment of individual's abilities and needs, prescriptive job development, job placement, job coaching and follow-up. Work in varied home, business, and community environments based on assigned support list. Demonstrate ability to take the initiative to make decisions/choices without direct supervision. Communicate regularly with employees receiving employment services and their employers to ensure job satisfaction and optimal job performance.
Deadline: March 24, 2017 and send resume to Brandon Tilmann at btilmann@arcnc.org


Support Associate (Direct Care Staff)  

Do you want to make a difference in a person’s life? The Arc of North Carolina seeks passionate, compassionate, hard-working individuals to support people of all ages with I/DD throughout North Carolina.

Education Requirements:  High School Diploma or GED

Responsibilities:  providing breaks for caregivers, assistance with personal care, teaching skills to increase independence, promoting inclusion in the community. Related experience in direct care or special education is preferred but not required. Creativity, progressive thinking, strong advocacy skills, and knowledge of community resources are highly desirable. Qualified applicants must be 18 or older, current driver’s license, and pass background checks.

Applicants may send resumes to the following:   

The Asheville Area: Lori Boehm at lboehm@arcnc.org 
The Charlotte Area: Vanessa Sanders at vsanders@arcnc.org
The Triangle Area: Foresa Walker at fwalker@arcnc.org 
The Wilmington Area: Wilmington Administrative staff at admin_wil@arcnc.org


Send your resume or print and complete your application. Click here