Care Management

Tailored Care Management (also known as TCM or just care management) began in December of 2022.  People who qualify for this service have the opportunity to select the organization they want to provide it.  The Arc of North Carolina, along with about 70 other entities, is a designated Care Management Agency (CMA) and we’d love the opportunity to provide support to you or your family member with IDD.    

We have been successfully involved in this type of work for many years and we view our role as a Care Management Agency as an opportunity to help stand in the gap for someone with IDD.  We’d like the opportunity to be the leader of the team, so to speak, for advocacy, coordination of community-based and health-related services, or finding local resources to enhance or enrich your life.   

This service is optional for most people who are eligible for it, but we believe the right care manager can and will make navigating some of the most challenging pieces of life with IDD easier.  Please consider choosing us as your Care Management Agency.  To select The Arc of North Carolina, please reach out to your LME/MCO and they can help you make that selection.  For more information about us, please reach out to the regional office closest to you. 

Find out more about our Care Management services by calling The Arc of NC at:  919-782-4632