Care Management

The Arc of NC applauds the ongoing efforts by the State of North Carolina to create the managed care design of Tailored Plans to improve the coordination and integration of care for Medicaid recipients and people with disabilities. As the state's integrated care approach to whole person care launches and evolves, Care Management Agencies (CMA) will play a major role in the achievement of this goal.

What are Care Management Agencies?

The Arc views our role to become a Care Management Agency (CMA) as an opportunity to help build and drive the missing pieces of truly integrated, person-centered care and support. As advocates, hearing from thousands of individuals and families with IDD each year, The Arc is keenly aware of the extensive need for improved coordination of care and support. Thousands of people with IDD, including people on the waiting list, will have the opportunity to choose a care management agency of their choice to help navigate the system and get connected to needed resources. This is a vital service, currently missing in the system, that will ultimately improve health and enhance quality of life.

CMAs will employ highly trained Care Managers that individuals can choose to provide care management. Care Management is the "glue" for integrated care, fostering coordination and collaboration among care team members across disciplines and settings. By placing care managers as close as possible to individuals/families, this will drive better health and quality of life outcomes. Having a whole person, multidisciplinary care team facilitated by a dedicated Care Manager will help to improve individuals' health and well-being by enhancing coordination of care and helping individuals and families/caregivers more effectively manage health conditions. Another key component to Care Management is the coordination and connections to address social determinants of health. Care Managers will play a critical role in working with individuals and families to provide equal opportunities and access to all.

What does a Care Management Agency do?

It's all about choice and whole person care! Care Management can and will result in unlimited and ongoing potential for improvement in the lives of people with IDD and their families. Improved coordination of care and support is an absolute must for people with IDD and their families in North Carolina, and our organization is prepared to help bring that to reality.

Letter to Medical Providers

This letter has been crafted for families to use when speaking with doctors and/or specialists who have someone in their care with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Please read this letter, download it to your computer, print it, and take it with you when you go to the doctor's office. Let them know how important it is for them to sign up for Tailored Plans in order to keep your loved one as a patient. The contact information for each Tailored Plan is included on the letter. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Download the Letter Here.

Coming Soon!

The Arc of NC has undergone a rigorous development and certification process to become a Care Management Agency! LMEs/MCOs (Alliance, Eastpointe, Partners, Sandhills, Trillium & Vaya) will become Tailored Plans on December 1st. People receiving services from their Tailored Plan and who are funded by Medicaid or state funds will be eligible for Tailored Care Management. This includes people with IDD, TBI, mental illness, and substance use disorder who have moderate to high levels of need for supports and services. There are over 70,000 people in NC with IDD and TBI who will be eligible for Tailored Care Management.

On December 1st, our organization will begin providing Care Management to individuals with IDD and TBI who choose us to provide their care management for them. This means that a care manager will be assigned to an individual to help coordinate one’s medical and behavioral health needs and community-based services. The care manager will be much like a quarterback and will provide the coordination of care to improve a person’s health and wellbeing so people can live their best life!

We will provide another update soon. In the meantime, please visit this page to see our past webinars.