ACTION ALERT:  North Carolina DHHS Announces Tailored Plan Launch Delayed to October 1, 2023

The NC Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS) will be postponing the launch of the Tailored Plans for six months. The go-live for the Tailored Plans is now set for October 1, 2023. There are a lot of questions that this raises for which we are trying to get answers. 

It's important to know that delaying the Tailored Plan launch involves and affects the six Local Management Entity/Managed Care Organizations (Alliance, Eastpointe, Sandhills, Trillium, Vaya, and Partners).

The delay does not apply to Tailored Care Management.

According to a statement from NC DHHS, "delayed start of Tailored Plans allows Local Management Entity/Managed Care Organizations, which will operate the Tailored Plans, more time to contract with additional providers to ensure a smooth transition for people using the plans and their care providers".

Click here to read the full statement.

Our next webinar in the Medicaid Transformation series is Tuesday, February 28. We will be discussing the delayed launch during the webinar. You still have time to register and bring your questions to be answered live! Click HERE to sign up today.